367a Dungarvan to W.I.T and Waterford University Hospital

Firstly, our apologies to those people who have been let down due to the delays in this service. We do appreciate your patience and are determined to provide a reliable service that will allow for timely connections to W.I.T. and the City. This is very much a new service for us in Local Link and it is only in operating the service that we have become aware of issues with the timetable.

It is taking longer than we would have allowed for the bus to travel to Dunhill, and less time to get from Dunhill to W.I.T. At the moment the bus is arriving in Dunhill nearer 08.25 and gets to WIT at 08.50.

We are currently working with our operator on a revised timetable to reflect this and will have that finalised within the next few days. In the meanwhile we hope that passengers will bear with us. We really appreciate the input we have received to date and hope that passengers will continue to contact us with feedback on the service.

James O’Donoghue, Manager.


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