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Charitable Purpose

Main Object

Déise Link Company Limited by Guarantee, t/a Local Link Waterford is a Registered Irish Charity, No: 20064914 . The main object for which the Company is established is “to benefit the community and provide for the relief of poverty through the provision and operation of a flexible and accessible rural community transport service in Co. Waterford and its environs to people with disabilities, people who are disadvantaged and socially excluded through physical or mental disability, age, infirmity or isolation”.


Subsidiary Objects

The charity has the following Subsidiary Objects which help it towards the attainment of its Main Object.

  • To provide an accessible, affordable transport service to persons who require same either after arrangement by phone, letter, electronic radio, computer or directly requesting the transport to halt; to carry out all aspects of transport, provide a transport service from point of departure to destination of choice of each passenger as is set down by the company administration office, manager, board of directors or at the discretion of the driver and escort in case of emergency; to provide an identifiable, efficient, effective business to meet the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities, mobility impaired or those isolated in rural society due to lack of transport throughout the county and its environs.


  • To provide a service that respects the rights to equality, dignity and of self – advocacy of all people isolated by lack of transport in rural County Waterford and its environs; to provide, support and, where necessary assist in the establishment of community transport initiatives countywide and countrywide; to gather and disseminate information on transport issues of concern to people with disabilities, mobility impaired and those isolated in rural areas, and make representation on such issues to official, statutory, voluntary, community and private bodies at international, national, regional and local level.
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