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Other Services

Ardmore Health Centre Monday:
This service operates from the Ring, Old Parish, Grange and Ardmore areas bringing passengers to the Ardmore Health Centre each week to attend for medical appointments at the Doctors Surgery every Monday.

Carriglea Cárde Services
This is a morning and afternoon bus service from the areas of Dungarvan and Abbeyside, for attendees of the Carriglea Hub in Dungarvan, to access the many Carriglea Cárde services available. The service provides safe and secure transport for the attendees from their home to the centre. Services run Monday to Friday of each week.

Centre for Independent Living (CIL)
The Centre for Independent Living operates a Wheelchair accessible and door to door transport service; this can be used for appointments or for social activities for people with disabilities. The service runs 5 days per week Monday to Friday in Dungarvan and the surrounding areas and is there to help meet the transport needs of people with disabilities across the County.

Ring Evening Service
This is a Local on demand service in the Ring area; it is used to provide an essential evening link to all passengers in the area as required.

Once Off Services
Supported services for various Community and Voluntary Groups as required. Please contact the office for further information.

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